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Album of Newly-Discovered Gil Evans Music


An incomparable composer, arranger and bandleader, the importance of the great Gil Evans could not be overstated. Instrumental in the development of modal jazz, jazz fusion and a number of other sub-genres, Evans and his collaborators forever changed the face of America’s art form.

On a new disc to be released on May 13th, producer Ryan Truesdell explores some quite extraordinary newly-discovered Gil Evans works. Truesdell is the first person outside the Evans family to be granted access to the legendary composer/arranger’s musical archives. Inside these archives, Truesdell discovered what amounts to nothing short of a jazz miracle. Inside dusty old boxes, Truesdell found not only sketches of well-known Evans works, but also nearly 50 never-before heard pieces, 10 of which will finally see the light of day on the new CD, Centennial: Newly Discovered Works of Gil Evans, (ArtistShare, 2012). Track-for-track, from the meditative tabla groove on “Punjab” to the marvelously honest and clear vocals of Luciana Souza on the Harburg classic “Look to the Rainbow”, this record is truly something special.

Truesdell will celebrate the release of the record at Jazz Standard, May 17-20. To learn more about this incredible discovery, visit