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Call for Entries for Art in the Woods

Art in the WoodsThe Arbor Day Farm in Nebraska City is looking for artists to create outdoor art that will be featured within the Art in the Woods area. The art has to be inspired by nature in one way or another, but other than that, there does not seem to be any incredibly specific terms about the type of art presented. In fact, the group seems eager to review proposals from artists working with a variety of mediums.

Quote from the Arbor Day website: Proposals that support the extension of art within the context of a natural setting, invite the spirit of play, visitor interaction, and sensory engagement are especially encouraged.

If you have visited the Arbor Day Farm then you are probably already familiar with their Art in the Woods area. It’s hard to miss. Pictured above is the set of three chairs featured within the trail’s art area. There are also sculptures of oversized insects and other pieces of art that manage to stand out without seeming at all out of place.

Arbor Day Farm will approve up to six new art installations for Art in the Woods. Proposals from artists must be received by February 15th. There is a specific proposal process to follow, which you can find here: Proposal Instructions.

If you are not personally an artist, but you are someone who appreciates art, make sure to visit Art in the Woods if you have not yet done so. There is just something spectacular about getting the opportunity to appreciate art outdoors.