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Cultural arts guide

Culture, at its root, is the sum total of our collective intelligence and achievement as a species – the expressions of our creativity as a group of people and a society. It is a delicate phenomenon,  constantly in flux, and seemingly everyone has their own idea about what it is and isn’t. We call dance, art, drama cultural arts because they help people to refine feelings, tastes, thoughts and develop their soul and body, while at the same time reflecting today’s customs and society’s values.

This cultural arts guide will introduce cultural arts terms and guide a person to a better understanding of different forms of art. Cultural Arts relate to collaboration and transformation of different art forms. It includes creative thinking and criticism while analyzing contemporary visual culture with other art fields such as dance, film, theatre, literature, music, visual arts and more. Cultural arts are cross-genre which is a genre in fiction that includes elements from a couple of genres and even more of them. They are multidisciplinary as well, meaning that it relates to knowledge of more than one profession or an academic discipline. Cultural arts also accept new knowledge that goes beyond and between different professions and existing academic disciplines.

Another popular term for this is multicultural arts. It connects different cultures, and its style is a combination of a variety of cultural styles. The purpose of culture arts is more about making a sense of today’s environment and its general meaning using talented people’s imagination, and less about definition. It helps to explain the world by challenging current thoughts, practice and ideas. Additional challenge for cultural arts professionals is the lack of vocabulary being shared between people.

Cultural arts exist to guide people to heal their souls with literature, expand their mind with different music and feed their eyes with graceful moves of ballet.