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Shay Kun’s Thousand Word Paintings at NOLA’s Martine Chaisson Gallery

In Shay Kun’s painted world the onlooker is forced to see pure, delicate environments invaded by their human counterparts. Using rich bold color schemes and aesthetically pleasing shapes, Kun paints an exuberant world. There is a quiet beauty in his brightly colored landscapes littered with human infestation. Against the backdrop of beautiful western lakes, mountains, trees, and gorgeous nature, Kun places infiltrations of tourists, junk cars, and less beautiful human placed mayhem. At first glance Kun’s brightly painted landscapes are cheery at best, but taking a closer look and reading his descriptions, you soon realize the paintings make a powerful statement. Though infiltrated by the out-of-place mishaps in the paintings, the beauty of the landscapes still cascades through, and that is why his paintings are worth a thousand words. Don’t miss out, the exhibit is open until March 31st at the Martine Chaisson Gallery.