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Aspen Santa Fe Ballet

ASFB in The Nutcracker


On March 14th, I had the rare privilege to see a professional dance company do a studio rehearsal.  This was two days before the company debuted “Square None”, a new work choreographed by Norbert De La Cruz III.  Aside from the wonderful opera-meets-electronic remixed music, and Austin Scarlett (of Project Runway fame) baroque inspired costumes, the rehearsal showed each of the dancers moving freely throughout the piece and dancing with major heart.  In the discussion that followed, I could not help but notice that I actually would like to know these super talented people.  Yes.  The dancing left me wanting more.  They spoke eloquently, soulfully danced, and managed to inspire many eyes and ears.  I do believe all of this is why my heart sank for many moments when the ASFB directors spoke about the current trend dance companies are engaged in: a halt in doing new work because of financial risk.  However without companies taking this level of risk, what kind of creative void will we all be witnessing five, ten or more years into the future?  This trend makes this wordsmith and art supporter fairly fearful that the arts will not sustain, thrive and grow – especially at a time when expression and creative stimulation is so desperately needed.  I mean really, it has been a mighty minute since I last went to a performance and felt like I had to fight – FIGHT – with myself to stay in my seat and not jump up and dance with the performers.

So, I  implore you beloved readers: when “Square None” makes its rounds on the tour circuit, rush out enmasse and support this new, brilliant work.