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Culture Shock Dance Troupe: A Hip Hop Universe Dedicated to Inspiring Values, Self-Worth, and Teamwork

Photo by Chris Keene

Culture Shock Dance Troupe began as a dance company that started 20 years ago in San Diego and then expanded to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Chicago, Washington DC, and New York over the years. A community minded dance troupe, Culture Shock eventually gave birth to a younger company called Future Shock, for kids 17 and under, which served as a training ground for the main company’s future dancers while also providing alternatives to the community centers that were not available at the time. Starting in San Francisco, Future Shock was adopted and spread throughout each city over the years.

Culture Shock has created a highly organized program using the energy and dynamism of hip hop dance to instruct and inspire people of all ages through education, outreach, and performances. With older dancers mentoring younger aspirants, the mission of Culture Shock is to nurture self-confidence, a positive body image, and to offer a constructive alternative to life on the street through involvement in a positive and rewarding environment.

Culture Shock consists of a growing network of not-for-profit dance companies devoted to developing fresh choreography that combines hip hop and break dancing. Performing on stages throughout the world, Culture Shock is also dedicated to youth outreach through school and community performances, including their participation in D.A.R.E. The companies consist of creative subdivisions that provide a platform for dancers of all ages such as:

Future Shock is for kids 17 and under, exposing them to an environment that encourages teamwork, positive self-expression, and respect. Mentored by Culture Shock Troupe members, this group participates on a regular basis in local community events and is required to maintain a specific grade point average in school.

Afta Shock was spawned when a group of parents became tired of waiting for their kids to finish their classes and wanted to learn some choreography of their own. Consisting of dancers 18 and older, Afta Shock explores the roots of hip hop that established the high-energy, old school moves that made way for new and evolving expression.

Mighty Shock is for kids 13 and under who learn about the foundations of hip hop through challenging and creative dance routines. These children are encouraged to express themselves as individuals while experiencing what it takes to work as a team.

Mini Shock is for five year olds and under who are inspired to learn respect, self-worth, and other core values inherent in the Culture Shock hip hop universe through their exposure to the dance and its requirements.

Culture Shock continues to unlock the passion and creativity in kids and adults across the country, providing them with an essential outlet for their energy, a constructive place to go to share with and be mentored by dancers of all ages, and a way to inspire their communities.

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