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Dazzling Contemporary Dancer, Chaz Buzan

Chaz Buzan

Even without an entire lifetime of dance under his belt, Chaz Buzan is a dancer’s dancer. With natural through-lines of energy that extend from his solar plexus outwards, and from heart to throat out to the top of his head, his dancing seems to be a birth right rather than something acquired.  His expression appears to come from a zen-like place inside, giving each movement a sense of inner connection first, and then the external gift of it.  Buzan looks like a seasoned ballet dancer, belying his first immersion as a student of Jazz.

Buzan works through the dimensions of space seamlessly, a liquid poured from middle space to the floor and back up again.  He could be dancing to contemporary pop music, ancient Asian strings, or silence… when you extract his movements from the sound, you get a depth of expression that transcends it all.

Growing up in Scottsdale, Arizona, Buzon trained mainly in at Angels Dance Studio and performed in competitions and other events.  He came to the attention of choreographer Mia Michaels (So You Think You Can Dance’s main choreographer, among other accolades), becoming her assistant and performing in Cirque de Soleil’s Believe, as well as in many music videos for artists like Florence and the Machine, Brittany Spears, and with Demi Lovato on “Dancing with the Stars.”

Regardless of his commercial background, Buzon’s movements are “his,” regardless of whose choreography he’s performing. And though every moment he makes is riveting, he is not a “bravura” artist whose fire is only in the risks, the acrobatics, like so many “competition” dancers of today.  Instead he goes for something deeper.

Buzon intuitively understands the elements of technique and artistry, and expresses them so beautifully that we find his emotion in ourselves when he dances. Like water from a stone, Buzon savors and squeezes every drop of expression to its essence, even where you think it cannot be found.  It will be fascinating to see where his career takes him.  A dazzling pearl, the world is definitely his oyster.