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Love Film? You’ll Love Film Streams

Mildred PierceI finally made my first trip to Film Streams in downtown Omaha last night and I’m hooked. I’d heard from several people that I would love the ambiance of the theater, the amazing films they offer that I can’t see anywhere else in Omaha, and the fact that they’re a non-profit cinema. Check, check, and check.

If you have not yet realized that film is a definite art form, then you probably haven’t been watching the right type of films. Ask Omaha Film Festival Executive Director Jason Levering how film can be art and his eyes will light up as he sits you down to watch some film noir or the bank robbery scene from The Dark Knight. When you experience film as an art form, a whole new world opens up to you.

So here is what you need to know about Film Streams:

  1. They show really great films. Right now they’re showing a film noir series, a “Forever Young” series for families, and some other great films. These aren’t films you’ll see at a movie theater in a mall.
  2. They’re non-profit. It’s grants and private donations that keep this theater open. That’s why they have the ability to show films that might not necessarily be mainstream commercial successes, but are artistic and important.
  3. They’re downtown, which is the perfect location. Ride your bike to the theater and you’ll get a discount on your ticket.

In case you’re wondering what movie I saw last night, it was Mildred Pierce from 1945. Acting sure was different back then.

Check you the current schedule on the Film Streams website.