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SPARTACUS cast bulk up for Season 3 at intensive Boot Camp

It’s becoming an annual rite of passage for the cast and stunt performers of the STARZ original series Spartacus. One month before production, they undergo intensive workouts and combat training. The goal is to get lean, mean and pumped up for the no-holds barred action scenes in virtually every episode.

Stunt coordinator Allan Poppleton supervises the demanding Spartacus boot camps and notes that, “Meticulous choreographing is necessary to ensure the safety of the actors performing the stunts,” adding, “For four weeks, we work the cast to the point of exhaustion, combining cross training elements–everything from cardio, basic gymnastics, foot and movement work, unarmed combat, body awareness, reactions, weaponry, and functional cross fit circuits.”

The workouts and training present a challenge for both men and women appearing in the popular series. Bodies are not only molded into shape, but the training seems to create a strong bond among the actors and stunt performers.

Liam McIntyre, who plays the Thracian gladiator, Spartacus, is a big fan of the punishing training regimen, saying, “Spartacus Boot Camps are famous now for pushing you to your absolute limits. This year they found a new level with military inspired training. I’ve never been so fit in my whole life. This boot camp will kick your ass. This year it kicked it twice.”