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College art museums

College art galleries and museums typically function much like standard museums and galleries; the difference is that campus-based museums are typically smaller and more intimate than their contemporaries in the wider world. But the variety of material on display is comparable; these can be costumes, furniture, pictures, drawings, watercolors, prints, photographs, decorative arts, textiles, installation arts, collages, pastels, artists’ books and sculptures.

A wide range of expression is seen in these museums, from faculty artwork all the way to prominent international artists. College art museums offer exhibitions which represent the diversity and interests of the student body and faculty. In some cases, art galleries make the perfect place for talks and social events; often, they will be used as a performance and teaching space by theatre and dance faculty.

Teachers understand the power of using college art galleries and museums to enrich the curriculum. Art galleries offer an ongoing opportunity for professors and students to study and examine significant sculptures, photographs, drawings, prints, paintings and other works of art.

College art museums and galleries also support the cultural life of the college by providing original works of art. Its main purpose is to assist professors and students, other related programs, associated exhibitions, and permanent collections. Other purpose is to support the College’s outreach to the general public, peer institutions and prospective students. They also provide service to the broader academic community and other communities across the world.

College art museums and galleries exist with divine reason of supporting experiential learning and classroom, and they stimulate a variety of researches in different humanities disciplines. They also provide inspiration for creative work in all branches of art.