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Guide to Cultural Arts

Cultural arts include different art forms. Art is present almost as long as humankind. This guide to cultural arts will explain several different arts where people use their skills and imagination to create experiences, environments and aesthetic objects so other people can enjoy it.

An art museum or an art gallery is a building for an exhibition of visual art. Some of the most commonly displayed art objects are pictures, decorative arts, textiles, drawings, watercolors, prints, photographs, installation arts, artists’ books, collages, pastels, costumes, furniture and sculptures.

On the other hand, theatre falls under the fine arts and uses live performers to tell a story of an imagined or real event in front of a live audience. The performers use a combination of dance, music, speech, songs and gestures to communicate the story to the audience.

Guide to culture arts cannot be complete without classical music, which includes a variety of genres, styles and forms. It demands focused attention from the listener and considers it primarily to be a written musical tradition, kept in different forms of music notation instead of in recordings.

Opera is an art form where musicians and singers combine text and music to perform a dramatic work. Opera consists of many elements of spoken theatre like costumes, scenery, and acting and sometimes includes dance. Opera is held in an opera house accompanied by a smaller musical ensemble or an orchestra.

According to an internationally acclaimed musician, Wynton Marsalis, jazz is music that swings. It is America’s only genuine living art form. It represents a collaboration of European and African music traditions.

Culture arts also include dance. Dance is an art form that includes body movements to music. It also means a nonverbal communication between people. Some sports like synchronized swimming, figure skating and gymnastics, incorporate different dancing styles, as well.

Guide to cultural arts is a source of many different forms and techniques. It is used to enhance our senses and help us perceive beyond the realm of the audible and visible.