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Performing arts theatre shows

Considering the investment of time and money required, everyone wants to know which performing arts theatre shows are the best ones before they go. Theatre shows must meet various requirements, in order for them to be good, and make an audience leave with a huge smile on their face.

First off, the director should not worry about what people say about the show. The writer should write the script the way he feels it at the moment of writing. The idea of the show needs to be about something specific. It has to take a strong stand on artistic, social, political or personal topic, and challenge the way of expressing it. Once the director has the general idea of the performing arts theatre show, he needs to choose the best theatrical form to express the writer’s beliefs. Depending on the topic, it might fit to different performing arts shows and make it a dance, a ballet, a pantomime, a stand-up comedy or an opera piece. It is always possible to mix it up and have certain forms match to different moments throughout the show.

The significant advantage is if the director knows his audience. After all, they are the reason why anyone creates a show. They could belong to a group of teenagers, children, grownups, grad students or old people. Performing arts theatre shows for everyone are not the best idea, as there is no way of satisfying everyone at the same time.

In the end, the director should throw in an element of surprise. It means not to have a show about what an audience would like to see, but to attract them with something of their desire, challenge them afterwards, and make them feel and think about it during the show.