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Driving with the Parking Brake Up

Hailing from Miami and the Florida Keys, Luis Sosa and Casey Dressler team up to bring you Driving with the Parking Brake Up, an unforgettable comedy in two solo acts, Mangos & Rice and The Wedding Warrior.  

Luis Sosa and Casey Dressler met in 2001 during their freshmen year of college at New World School of the Arts in downtown Miami. Since then they’ve been best friends sharing their passion for acting, writing and creating theatre. It’s long been a dream of theirs to perform in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe together. They are currently gearing up to take their newly written solo shows, Mangos & Rice and The Wedding Warrior to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Scotland, where they will presenting them as one full length show under the umbrella title, Driving With The Parking Brake Up.

Foot’s on the gas but you’ve barely made it down the block? This show explores the lives of two people who find themselves in the space between reality and making their dreams come true.  Driving with the Parking Brake Up, Mangos & Rice and The Wedding Warrior represent the voyages we inwardly embark upon as we bravely put one foot in front of the other and step into the unknown.  Driving with the Parking Brake Up is an uplifting life-affirming theatre experience that celebrates the discovery of self and venturing towards the places we fear to tread, but do anyway. Buckle up for this hilariously heartwarming adventure
Act 1: Mangos & Rice, written and performed by Luis Sosa, is the story of a late-blooming, early-greying, wannabe-Cuban, gay, man-boy from Miami who discovers he doesn’t suck as much as he thought. From self-conscience to conscious of self! Hold on to your seat for a hysterically heartfelt ride through the life and times of Luis as he faces his fears, makes peace with his past and ultimately learns to love himself.
Act 2: The Wedding Warrior, penned and performed by Casey Dressler, is the tale of an unwed, 30-something, wedding coordinator in small town Key Largo who proves love truly is a battlefield. Join Casey as she combats her way through the mayhem and mishaps that lead up to matrimony. Better off wed? That’s just one of the questions Casey poses as she passes the torch to an incoming wedding coordinator in this charming, comedic peek into the chaos that ensues before the vows are taken.

Before heading overseas to Edinburgh, Driving with the Parking Brake up: Mangos & Rice and The Wedding Warrior, will be performing 2 preview shows at BLUEDOG Acting Company located at the Plantation Towne Square Mall, 6905 West Broward Blvd. Suite 109. Plantation, Fl 33317.  Performance dates are Friday, June 27th & Saturday, June 28th at 7:30pm. Doors open at 7pm (Raffles and other goodies will be sold).  Tickets are $20.00 Cash at the door.  Limited Seating. Reservations required.  BOX OFFICE 305.879.7282 or email Tickets are also available online at : All proceeds will go towards funding Luis and Casey’s Edinburgh festival fringe dream. Donations are also being accepted via at :\