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Run Away with the Circus: Wise Fool

Admit it, you always wanted to run away with the circus.  So here’s your chance to make your every circus wish come true, even if just for one day, one class, or one season.

For those lucky enough to score tickets on New Year’s Eve, audience members were able to revel in the circus arts acts while helping Wise Fool raise the rent, under the big tent.  Missed the Holiday Cabaret???  Not to worry.  There are several, annual must-see performances still on the horizon:  Circus Luminous (November, Thanksgiving Weekend), Feast of Fools (annual fundraising event in April) and a procession of larger-than-life puppets for May Day.  The first time my eyes caught Wise Fool was the Circus Luminous performance this past November, when I watched the show not once, but twice.  If you were in the audience and the music didn’t sweep you away, along with the fabric, trapeze, clowns or aerialists…well then my friend, I just can’t help you.

But really, the wildest part of it all was this:  I left both shows absolutely convinced I must buy a pair of sparkly tights immediately, and run away with the circus – this circus.

For those of you who are similarly inclined, Wise Fool has you covered with year round classes for adults and children, and two circus arts intensives (only for the grownups, mind you).  So yes, there technically should be a massive warning issued with each performance.  Maybe it would read something like…

Warning!  WF performances have a reputation for inducing a strong desire to take up a class (though you may have to crabwalk and/or roll out the door after you realize the mega amount of upper body strength required to pull off the aerial movements).

Word to the wise: for those of us wishing to extend the circus binge throughout the year,  circus intensive ELEVATE is in January, and BUST is slotted for May.  Sparkly tights optional.