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Short Cuts 5

The Playgroup presents SHORT CUTS 5 – Nine funny and dramatic plays by local playwrights, all ten minutes or less. Encounter bad dreams, silent schemes, a power play, dates who are gay, midnight facts, some evil pacts and much more for some truly great entertainment.

Directed by Joyce Sweeney and Brian Reeves; the actors include: Robin Alexander, Jill Brown, Todd Caster, Melanie Crim, David Ehrlich, Fran Friedman, Peter Hawkins, Fern Katz, Irene Kessler, Sara Lee, Dylan Nunez, Stan Orlin, Charlene Smith, Tom Turner and George Wentzler. 

The Plays and the Authors 

IS IT A DREAM? by Marnie Bauman (Boca Raton)  – An old familiar dream turns into a nightmare.

SHE’S OFF HER ROCKER by Donna Warfield (Delray Beach)  – There’s more than one way to get a man out of his recliner. 

ROMANCE A LA MEDICARE by Joe Feinstein (Boca Raton)  –  There’s a lid for every crackpot.

BLIND DATE by Stuart McIver Jr. (Pompano Beach)  – It’s never too late to try something new. 

TURNABOUT by Todd Caster (West Palm Beach)  – Dad was told by mother, you can’t have one without the other.

8TH CHAIR by Tyler Leeps (Boca Raton)  – Maestro “plays” the cellist. 

THE LAST STEP by Shep Wolsky (Boca Raton)  – Dancing with the devil can cost. 

SILENT BUT DEADLY by Brian Reeves (Palm Beach)   – Even enhanced interrogation won’t make this one talk. 

REBECCA AT MIDNIGHT by Diane King (Fort Lauderdale)  – On the roof it’s peaceful as can be.

Founded in 2010, The Playgroup is committed to showcasing the work of local artists; playwrights, directors and actors.  We only produce original plays by local playwrights and in addition to our three productions per year, we also hold monthly workshops at the Glades Road Library in Boca Raton, Fl. where playwrights can develop their projects and network with local actors and directors.  Productions of this canon include:  LITTLE PIGGIES and BROKEN ANGELS by Todd Caster, JOSEPH ANDREWS by Peter Hawkins, THE MONSTER PROJECT by Brian Harris, THE LAST OF THE AZTECS by Joe Feinstein, and four one-act evenings:  SHORTCUTS 1,2,3 AND 4.  The Playgroup constantly seeks new playwrights to showcase.

SHORT CUTS 5 will have six performances at Showtime Performing Arts Theatre, 503 S.E. Mizner Blvd., Royal Palm Plaza, Boca Raton, FL.  April 17th through April 26th, 2015.  Friday and Saturday at 8 pm, Sunday at 2 pm.  All seats $25.  Call (954) 592-0226 or visit