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Stretch your theater budget with a little couponing

Pretty much everyone knows about “daily deal” or group coupons sites now. You literally could subscribe to dozens of them, letting your email in box fill up with offers for tanning, restaurants and other offers. But did you know you could get theater coupons as well?

Granted, not every playhouse or live-theater venue is going to show up on these sites. But I’ve noticed a few more here and there. This is a rare opportunity for people to see great shows at great prices. Truthfully, even a mediocre show to me is worth it because of the experience. So I’m a big fan of using coupon sites to save a few dollars on my theater jones. Every dollar I save could go toward seeing something else, and who doesn’t love to save a buck?

The latest offer I found was for $3 off the price of a ticket to see a Sesame Street Live show (called “Elmo’s Super Heroes“) at the Fox Theatre. The site I used was “Bargains to Bounty,” which normally features coupon matches — you know, those strategies the people on “Extreme Couponing” use. I’m not much of a couponer, but I do like the other money-saving ideas the blogger uses.

Again, I understand this seems like a pretty small offer on a show that many ordinary people wouldn’t want to necessarily see. But if you have a child in your life – niece, grandson, cousin – then this probably is a show you where you could treat them to a night in the theater.

When you start surfing for tickets, it is quickly clear how expensive such an outing can be. I ran through the Ticketmaster site with the idea of taking my 4-year-old daughter, and I soon found that taking two people would add up to at least $40 when you factor in the ticket price, processing charge and taxes.

So that’s where I come back to the coupon site. Thanks to the author’s savvy dealings with the Fox Theatre, she found out which show times were available for $10 per person. I checked them out along with the $3 coupon code. Voila! Suddenly, the show that I wanted to see had a drastically reduced price of only $26 for the two of us. That is a bargain that I cannot pass up.

So far this year, I’ve taken my daughter to two shows: a ballet at the Detroit Opera House and a performance at PuppetArt. A friend gave us the ballet tickets for free – you cannot beat that price. And the PuppetArt show was about $15 for the two of us. Add in free parking because we went on a weekend, and you have two amazing bargains.

So I think I can afford the Sesame Street deal. It gives both of us a chance to enjoy one of the most amazing venues in the city. And we get some quality Grover time. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Note: Thanks for reading! I’ll be getting into more about Detroit’s theater scene in my next blog post, outlining some of the great shows we have to look forward to this spring. If you have any ideas or suggestions about what you’d like to see me cover or write about, please leave a comment and I’ll get right on it!