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The Fringe is Upon Us!

This month, the New Orleans 2011 Fringe Festival will commence.

The NOLA Fringe is in its third year of operation and this year’s festival is offering the city nothing short of awesome greatness.
The festival is housing 70 different performance groups with over 200 shows at a multitude of venues across the city.

The Fringe Festival chooses 24 performances to showcase at 6 different spaces around town. In addition to the official Fringe Festival participants, they also help host the BYOV, which is the Bring Your Own Venue portion of the festival. This is where various artists can find a venue of their own liking and perform their pieces during the same time frame as the 24 official Fringe pieces.
The 6 official spaces include Cafe Istanbul, The Shadowbox Theatre, The Marigny Opera House, Den of Muses, Mardi Gras Zone, and Luthjen’s Dance Hall.
The BYOV spaces include, but are not limited to: Southern Rep, The Allways Lounge, The Aquarium, Michalopoulos Studio, Backyard Ballroom, Hi Ho Lounge, and Friendly’s Bar.
The festival runs November 16-November 20th.
The tickets are available at Mardi Gras Zone, Central Box office, online, or at any Fringe Managed event.
You can get a single show, 5 show, or ALL ACCESS Pass!
Every year the Fringe is getting bigger, better and a little bit stranger.
I highly suggest you check it out if you can.
There is a show called How to Be a Lesbian in Ten Days or Less…why would anyone want to miss that important information?
And…don’t forget the lady arm wrestling competition!
They have that.