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Yonah Acosta: One of Dance Magazine’s Top 25 of 2012

Yohah Acosta

Born in Havana, Cuba, Yonah danced with the Ballet Nacional de Cuba until he was invited to join the English National Ballet in 2011.  Entering the company as a first artist, he soon graduated to junior soloist, gaining leads in ballets such as Roland Petit’s Le Jeune Homme et la Mort.

The nephew of the brilliant and astounding Carlos Acosta, Yonah has impeccable technique that is brought to life by his legibly lean body.  He is the perfect example of today’s young bravura dancers with flying limbs, sensational jumps, unending revolutions in every type of turn, and lightning bolt timing: just the kind of ballet dancer that can bring the “So You Think You Can Dance” audience into the theaters!

Right now Yonah is all about exterior technique, as perhaps befits a person of his age.  As his inner life forms around his almost flawless abilities, there will be a rich wine to drink. If we can bank on the shared DNA from his uncle Carlos, an exquisitely soulful dancer who embodies the entire package of artistic treasures, Yonah will follow in these footsteps as he learns that his seemingly effortless ability to transcend gravity will gain more gravitas as his focus shifts to his internal center.  This being said, Dance Magazine is absolutely right in making Yonah Acosta one to watch in 2012.