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Southwest Florida, here is Sarah Peacock. You are welcome.

It is always fun to receive positive criticism from other writers but it is an especially unique experience to have another writer stop you mid-sentence and say, “Hey, you should check out this other artist instead.”  Enter Sarah Peacock and now, I introduce her to you, my delicious, southwest Florida.

Born and raised in Atlanta, Sarah Peacock is a singer and songwriter who now calls the continental US her home. The machine responsible for bringing Sarah to her beloved audiences and fans, her Nissan Cube, has helped her pull off two cross-country tours in 2012 and perform over 250 dates last year. In addition to fundraising for causes like victims of Hurricane Sandy, Sarah is carving a name for herself in the unique and fading genre of musicians who write, produce, perform and even still, promote their own music. Classically trained and formally educated in music, Sarah left the confines of Nashville, TN for the wide open spaces some would define as too scary to venture alone. Not Sarah, however; she has befriended America’s roads in the hopes of exposing as many as possible to her unique and compelling sounds.

We caught up with Sarah between planning her next American conquest and planning a much deserved vacation to an undisclosed location. We tried but she wasn’t giving up the goods. She shared her hopes for the future and vision for her new release, Albuquerque Sky. She laughed as she shared memories of road trips with a Volvo that broke down as often as it traveled. She spoke of Nashville and her formal training fondly as she fearlessly shared her national travels and hopes of more than just local exposure. She has now announced the release of her third album “Albuquerque Sky,” a new album written and recorded on the road with varied studios. Described as clean and crisp, Albuquerque Sky is Sarah’s statement of wanting a “big hit” the good ol’ fashioned – my way or rather, her way. The question remains, will Sarah’s heart remain in New Mexico or will Florida experience the Peacock ways? ArtsAmerica will keep you posted.

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