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Axle Contemporary (Santa Fe Gallery on Wheels)

Axle is what happens when you remix the art gallery concept and create an experience that is approachable to the masses.  Instead of ice cream treats and crazy melodies being streamed from a scratchy blow horn, you get a mobile exhibition space filled with contemporary art, rolling through the streets of Santa Fe.  The accessibility of art (it comes to you) without the artsy fartsy attitude (often times exhibits can be seen through a glass door without having to do the typical art gallery experience – tiptoe around pricey objects) make for a stress free experience.  I mean really, how many times can we go to the Farmer’s Market, dig into an amazing breakfast burrito, and stumble onto an art exhibition of various mediums?


This past year alone, there have been all sorts of collaborations – experimental glass art  in the Railyard, crazy kaleidoscopes that make use of the Southwestern sun, and my all-time-favorite:  The Haiku Road Sign.  In all actuality, I am thrilled to see the poems published in a book, and the reading in the Plaza was sweet, however I secretly wish they would bring back these street haikus.  For a list of upcoming delights and locations in 2012 (I just spied the art truck in the parking lot of Kakawa Chocolate House last week…I ask you, does it get any better than art and chocolate???!!!), get on their mailing list via the clipboard at the back door, or check them out online: