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Sohoyini Dance and Drum: Uniting Cultures in Seattle, Washington

Sohoyini Dance and Drum

In the language of the Dagomba people of Northern Ghana, “sohoyini” means ‘one heart’, which is the perfect emblem for the diverse group of artists coming together to form this joyous dance and drum company.

The mission behind SD&D is to unite cultures through the celebration of the music and movement of traditional African rhythms.  With the U.S. company based in Seattle, Washington and a second company based in Ghana, the group shares its cultural roots with local communities as well as those around the world.

Sohoyini’s Artistic Director Awal Alhassan was born into a family of traditional dancers and drummers in Tamale, Ghana, and he has devoted his life to keeping the knowledge alive.  Working with many diverse cultural groups, his commitment to uniting people through the arts has made a great impact on those his company has touched.  In this vein, he created the performance group, Zosimili, made up of at-risk kids in Ghana to keep the children out of trouble while giving them a purpose in life.

SD&D’s Seattle staff consists of dancers and drummers from Ghana, Zimbabwe, West Africa, and the United States.  The company is dedicated to performances, classes, residencies, and providing tours to Ghana for people to connect to the essence of African tradition.  With “one heart, one people” as their mantra, Sohoyini has built its reputation as a unifying force through their electrifying performances and vibrant classes that reach out to anyone with blood pumping through their veins.

For more information on Sohoyini Dance and Drum:

Seattle, WA: 206-383-2243