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African Jazz at Zinc Bar

Kaissa at Zinc Bar

I find hybrids endlessly compelling. And when you really stop to think about the origins of jazz, combining it with African traditions seems like an exceptionally easy match. Every Friday at Zinc Bar in the Village is African Jazz night and I would be willing to bet that the clubs who have a recurring night of African Jazz are few and far between.

This Friday, April 13th, …more…

An Interview with Straight-Ahead Jazz Guitarist, Rick Stone

This week, NYC-based jazz guitarist Rick Stone answers some of my burning questions! Rick’s album Fractals with the Rick Stone Trio came out in 2011 and has been getting some great notice out on the interwebs, including a great review on You can catch The Rick Stone Trio in at the Bar Next Door at La Lanterna in NYC on February 25th. More info at ...more...


I wanted to take a moment today to highlight one of the most under-appreciated sub-genres in jazz (in my incredibly biased vocalist opinion). ...more...

Jazz Pirates?

Arrrr! Thar she blows the saxophone! (via

I know, I know. You’ve probably heard more than enough about SOPA and PIPA this week. I won’t drag my opinion about the whole matter into this blog (and being a songwriter and working musician myself, my opinions on the issue are complicated). I do, however, want to put forth a thought for the jazz community.

In my (ever so humble) opinion, the …more…

Fat Cat

I paid a visit last week to Fat Cat down on Christopher Street with a few friends. I’d forgotten how great this place is!

With some of the best pool to be played in NYC and a really swingin’ after hours jam session every night, what’s not to love? ...more...

Jimmy Mak’s – Love Song to a Hometown Haunt

Greetings from the West Coast! I’m on a quick trip home and I thought I would step in as a guest blogger for Portland – my almost hometown! ...more...