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Film Screening Tonight at the Contemporary Arts Center: Urbanized by Gary Hustwit

Looking for something to do tonight that encompasses both your love of fine arts as well as your passion for design and social planning? Tonight, catch the only screening in Cincinnati of Urbanized, a recent documentary on the ups and downs of urban planning.

One third of a design trilogy, Urbanized is a feature length film about growing concerns over urban development. The independent filmmaker from London, Gary Hustwit, looks at how design affects both the residents already living in cities as well as the ones moving in. The film also investigates the environmental concerns of growing populations and construction needed to accommodate it. It questions our government officials and those who build our cities. Why are some cities getting smaller while others are booming?

Cincinnati is no stranger to the struggles of urban planning. Debates over increasing gentrification concerns in Over the Rhine as well as racial tension in the city over the past decade have spurred a divide here. Economic challenges force growing places to accept new businesses yet many still fight to preserve the historical Italian architecture of this historic port city. And, like many other major cities around the US, Cincinnati is actually suffering from a major decrease in population away from the cities and into the surrounding suburbs. How do we bring people back to make use of the city? How can we incorporate the ever changing environmental concerns into what’s best for the community? This film addresses these questions and more.

Urbanized posits that city dwellers must not only forge an innovative self-reliance, they must imagine higher forms of living. The radical fluctuations of growth and decline happening in modern cities necessitate infinite innovation. Urbanized is an extraordinarily ambitious attempt to make sense of a world flowing into cities. This visually arresting film, like Hustwit’s past work, elegantly conveys the omnipresence of design in daily life. Essential viewing.” says Joshua K. Leon of

Don’t miss Urbanized tonight at the Contemporary Arts Center in downtown Cincinnati. Doors open at 5:30 PM and the show begins at 6 PM. Enjoy coffee and tea provided by the Coffee Emporium while taking in this thought provoking screening. Admission is free although donations are always welcome at CAC.

Founded in 1939, The Contemporary Arts Center is a fantastic place to see modern art come to life in Cincinnnati. Located on the corner of 6th and Walnut Streets, the building’s architecture stands out in the concrete jungle. Designed by world famous architect Zaha Hadid, the museum is 80,000 square feet of fine art facilities including an education department, the CAC store, and the children’s UnMuseum, all contained creatively in the five floors of exhibition space.