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Floating Femininity

Moving in Colors, Korean artist’s Key Sook Geum latest exhibition, we get a dose of a matriarchial dress society with absent bodies. Beautifully created dresses floating seamlessly to conture the female form in all its glory. The absence  of a real body makes the sculptures even more interensting and somewhat delicate. The wirey adaptations of beautiful gowns have an energy flowing through them that, I think, Geum inteneded on showing her audience. In her studio in Seoul, Korea these masterpieces of women’s jackets, dresses, and vests are delicately woven all highlighting the female form. Geum, a professor of fine art at the University of Hongik in Seoul, Geum uses western art influences mixed with her eastern culture. She creates a yin and a yang in a sculpture with chaos mixed with calm beauty. With a ghost like presence Geum’s sculptures are beautiful and dramatic, and is surely not something to be missed. Go see them at the Gallery Bienvenu before they vanish on January 26th!