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Guessing Icons on Memory Lane

Cheryl Cabrera’s sixth exhibit at D.o.c.s. gallery is an amazing collection that will keep you guessing and maybe take you on a stroll down memory lane. Her inspiration was taking famous Icons from her childhood and brilliantly dissecting them on canvas. The symmetry of the lines and the distortion of the faces takes the art to a childhood place. The viewer somewhat feels like they are playing pictionary with an amazing artist. As the viewer begins to realize what the cleverly colored blocks resemble a feeling of nostalgia is not far away. More often than not most of us spent our childhood propped up in front a box spewing images of famous faces, I can’t help but notice that these acrylic canvases somehow transfer into the fuzz of a tv “box”. From Barbie, to the material girl herself most females will find themselves smiling and trying to figure out how to purchases these for they’re living room. Cabrera’s exhibit should not be missed, ladies bring your dates!