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Last Chance! Take Your Dad “Golfing” this Weekend at Laguna Gloria

If you haven’t yet ventured over to Laguna Gloria during this breezy Spring in Austin to check out the Art on the Green installation, take advantage before it closes this Sunday. The nine hole course is unlike any you’ve ever seen, featuring elegant, minimalist metal constructions, post-apocalyptic scenes of destruction, and a grotesque rodent-like creature the size of ice cream truck that is sure to amuse both the high and the low-brow art connoisseur.

The nine interactive miniature golf holes were designed by Austin artists, architects, landscape architects, and collectives and feature a breadth of artistic intentions ranging from the absurd to the conceptual.  Ultimately, the installation is all about play and interacting with the work, which is always welcome.  The installation also benefits from the sublime location.  Laguna Gloria’s lush 12-acres are the perfect place to wile away an afternoon pretending you live in a 1912 Gatsby-esque villa overlooking Town Lake.  So complete is the grandeur of the setting that you may be surprised to find that after you’ve mastered all nine holes there is no eager bartender awaiting you with an refreshing Gin Rickey as a jazz band swings in the background.  Never you mind, you can top of your win with a bonus hole downtown in the lobby of the Jones Center and perhaps an Arnold Palmer at the Driskill Hotel.

When: now – May 20, 2012

Time: Tuesday 12–8pm
Wednesday 12–4pm
Thursday–Sunday 10am–4pm

Non-Members: $8, 12 and under $4
Members $4, 12 and under $2
50% off on Twilight Tuesdays from 4–8pm

Austin Museum of Art, Laguna Gloria
3809 West 35th Street
Austin, Texas 78703