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Sojourner Truth Multicultural Arts Center

Photo: LJ Bottjer

Explosions of colors are melded with history at the Sojourner Truth Multicultural Arts Center in South Sacramento.

Located in a strip mall at the corner of 24th Street and Florian Road the museum is far from a formal venue. Instead fabulous murals decorate walls down hallways and between doorways of businesses.

The murals, painted by Sacramentan artists – professional and volunteer, tell stories that resonate with many people of our ethnically diversified city.

The building of ancient Egypt is documented through the royal and peasant Nubian faces.  The painting of enslaved Africans brought to America captures the horror and determined courage
later portrayed through achievements of people like astronaut Ronald McNair.

A young Mayan king, resplendent in lush feathers, is found at one end of the mural honoring those of Hispanic ancestry.  Aside from soaring temples the painting honors the vast agricultural bounties, like corn and sweet potatoes, most of the world now eats.

Chicano pride shines from a portrait of Caesar Chavez to the vibrancy of mariachi music.

The numerous murals, also depicting the contributions of other groups like Japanese and Indian are available for free viewings Mondays through Saturdays.

To further the experience call ahead to arrange a tour and a stop inside the SOJO museum that is an intimate venue dedicated to the life and memory of Sojourner Truth.

Born a slave she triumphed as a human rights’ advocate and inspired many – including Abraham

Period classes and special presentations for school children can be arranged.  Donations are always appreciated.

It is the passion of the museum’s board and volunteers that make the SOJO a special place as it reflects the many faces of Sacramento.