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Stars on Ice delivers an artistic smackdown

Oh, the joys of living in a big city. All the choices to make. Last night I had the offerings of Stars on Ice at Seattle Center, and the cage-match fight at the casino.  While everyone loves watching a good whoopin’, skating took the gold this time. Mainly because I can’t get enough of the oh-so-tall and hot John Zimmerman. He was skating with whatserface, I mean, the equally talented Kyoko Ina.

Skater Kurt Browning’s new work as the choreographer and creative consultant for this show is a success. This is the best SOI program in a few years. Browning’s involvement with the ballet is particularly obvious in a compelling male quartet number, as well as in the entertaining group acts.

Always worth watching are the lively Ryan Bradley and the lovely and versatile Sasha Cohen. Cohen’s Spanish number was a hit, as was her participation in group numbers.  She continues to reach new artistic heights, rather than lethargically phoning it in for her professional career.  Her impressive flexibility and grace combined with Browning’s innovation are a wonderful match.

The show is family-friendly without the painful dumbing-down associated with some professional skating exhibitions. If you’re lucky enough to live in its limited tour schedule, this is a good year to catch the show.

Photo by Darrell Scattergood.