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*Sigh*  Where do I even begin with this writer’s official letter of love to the Lensic?  I suppose, in the beginning… 

Right.  I grew up (not in Santa Fe) in a bio home and blissed out community of artists, musicians, dancers and avid readers/writers/scribes/scholars.  I have always known that the arts in general, and artists in particular, must have the space to create and perform.  That it is just as vital to living as breathing, eating, sleeping and loving.  Imagine my reaction when I stumbled upon The Lensic?  Well…just imagine.  Initially I thought the performances were geared to the mainstream crowd.  You know, things you could take your partner’s entire family to when they drop in for the semi-annual visit.  (Think literary talks, the annual Nutcracker performances, and the like).  Then I started to get a little smitten, well actually a whole lot smitten, when the Cubans (Los Muñequitos de Matanzas) came to town and directly to the Lensic stage.  And I suppose there was absolutely no turning around this love train when I discovered that everyone’s favorite art collective (Meow Wolf) was actually curating a performance at the Lensic.  Yes!  A collaboration between the mainstream and the funky (though I use the term funky here, as a term of true endearment and much respect).  Of the past five performances I have seen in the past couple of months (yes, it is turning into my home-away-from-home), none have disappointed.  On the roster of upcoming must-see shows are many, however my vote – if you just had to choose one:  the April 11th Sierra Maestra show.  You read correctly.  Some of the remaining musicians from Buena Vista Social Club fame are gracing Santa Fe with their presence.  Be there or be extra square.