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Los Angeles/Orange County, California

Los Angeles/Orange County: Film

Think of Los Angeles, and you’ll likely think of movies; you might not, however, think of cinema. (There is a difference, however subtle.) Worry not; cinema in Los Angeles is alive and well, beginning with the latest rep house to take the town by storm, the Cinefamily at the historic Silent Movie Theater. Cinefamily’s program defines eclectic, from BMX Bandits to Sternberg’s The Last Command; rare week-long championings of an oddball title without release, like the crazy, 4-hour Love Exposure; and video-store clerk amusement par excellence, the Five-Minute Game (find the dustiest, most hopeless looking VHS tapes and show the audience the first five minutes of each. Eat food on the Spanish patio out back. Vote. Watch the winner, with much good cheer).

But Cinefamily’s just the tip of the iceberg: weekly listings checks take in the American Cinematheque, at the westside Aero and the historic Egyptian Theater in Hollywood; the UCLA archive at the Hammer Museum with its hot pink seats; the LACMA film program, constantly under threat, forever rising from the ashes; the New Beverly’s nightly double bills of grindhouse and more; the hip new Downtown Independent; Eastside experimentia with the Echo Park Film Center; in summer, old classics revived al fresco in the Hollywood Forever cemetery by the good people of Cinespia; and flitting from location to location like some beautifully avant-garde butterfly, the LA Film Forum. It’s just not possible to see everything! (Tom von Logue Newth)

Los Angeles Film: Film Around Los Angeles

Below are our Los Angeles Film recommendations, with information on location, admission, transportation/parking, theater history and other points of interest in Los Angeles Art.

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Hollywood legends Louis B. Mayer and Douglas Fairbanks helped found the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 1927. The organization was created for the purpose of appreciating, developing, and preserving the American film institution, a mission that it continues to fulfill to this day by maintaining an enormous film library and by offering its members screenings in its state-of-the-art theaters.

AMPAS is best known to the general public for …more…

American Cinematheque

Located in the filmmaking capital of the United States (and arguably the world), American Cinematheque (AC) is dedicated to the preservation and appreciation of the art of cinema in all of its forms.  It was created in 1981 as an offshoot of the Filmex Los Angeles Film Festival, with the goal of presenting a wide range of film and video (particularly rare and under-recognized work), creating a continuous dialogue between …more…

American Film Institute (AFI)

Founded in 1967 with a mission to preserve the heritage of American film, the American Film Institute has the largest library of feature films in the world. As a result, AFI screenings include the widest possible variety of titles, from silent classics to modern hits. With generous funding from organizations like the MPAA and the NEA, the American Film Institute was able to create a training program that has educated …more…

New Beverly Cinema

A true moviegoer’s paradise for over 30 years, the New Beverly Cinema is LA’s premier revival house. The New Beverly screens double features consisting of the best in independent, classic and foreign films and their programming is often selected and hosted by high-profile filmmakers who share the venues idiosyncratic sensibilities (directors Quentin Tarantino and Edgar Wright are recent examples).

The cash-only New Beverly is also a frugal moviegoers dream, with general …more…

Nuart Theatre

Located on Santa Monica Boulevard, the Nuart Theatre is the best art-house movie theater in Los Angeles. Foreign films, independent features, documentaries, and old classics all figure into Nuart’s regular programming, and world premieres and festivals can regularly be seen here as well. Other special events include question-and-answer sessions with filmmakers, actor appearances, and a weekly midnight screening of the interactive cult favorite, The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Nuart Theatre Information

Public Transportation: …more…