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Los Angeles/Orange County, California

Los Angeles Arts: Theater in Los Angeles

Major Theaters | Small Equity Companies | Specialized Theaters

Los Angeles is well-known as the world capital of the film industry, but what may surprise many newcomers is the city’s not-so-hidden secret: theater in LA is alive and booming. An eclectic collection of performance spaces sprinkled across a freeway-ridden metropolis, Los Angeles theater is thriving now more than ever.

But the theater scene in this city is a little different from its counterparts in New York and Chicago. Live performance spaces are spread out across miles and miles of urban sprawl and not centralized in one dedicated district. A new resident should approach theater in LA with the expectation that with a little research and some good advice, you can enjoy perhaps the most interesting collection of live performances outside of Manhattan. (Danny Rangel)

  • Major Theaters: From the cozy environs of the Geffen Playhouse to the dazzling lights of the Pantages Theater, if you’re looking for Broadway in LA, you’ll find it here.
  • Small Equity Companies: The best bang for your buck — these theaters are far more intimate and creative than the big boys, and without the big price tag, you can feel free to explore several great venues without burning a hole through your wallet.
  • Specialized Theaters: Perhaps the best part of LA’s unique theater landscape, these hidden gems are packed with talented artists dedicated to bringing their performances to specific audiences.