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St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis: Dance

St. Louis Dance: Dance Around St. Louis

Below are our St. Louis Dance recommendations, with information on location, admission, transportation/parking, company/venue history and other points of interest in St. Louis Art.

aTrek Dance Collective

The seeds of aTrek Dance Collective were planted in 1988 when dancers Angela Culbertson and Terry Pexton began working together. Ms. Culbertson expanded and nurtured the company until 2003, when it became a collaboration of dancers, backed by local community leaders who function as its board of directors. The company’s mission is to develop local contemporary dance programs and community awareness with performances and training opportunities. Through Master …more…

Dance St. Louis

For over four decades, Dance St. Louis has been one of the strongest champions of the art of dance in the Midwest.  It began in 1966 as a small group of dance enthusiasts, headed by Annelise Mertz (professor of dance at Washington University), meeting informally at each other’s homes, brainstorming how to develop more opportunities for modern dance in St. …more…