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Baltimore, Maryland
Jazzway 6004

Jazzway 6004

6004 Hollins Ave

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Jazzway 6004 is a not-for-profit organization owned and operated by Baltimore jazz vocalist Marianne Matheny-Katz and her husband Howard Katz. The venue is, in fact, their own private home, where several times a month they host jazz concerts for a small but appreciative audience of 60-65 people. The atmosphere is that of an intimate private concert, and the music presented is always of the highest quality. Performers have ranged from the cream of the local jazz scene to some of the top names in jazz today. Each concert is offered with an optional meal, prepared by the couple and served about an hour prior to the show.

Built in 1966 to be the home of one of Baltimore’s best-known bookies, 6004 Hollins Ave. had always been host to lavish parties; legend has it the house was a destination for both Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin when they were in town. Its current owners have taken that tradition and turned it to the good of the local music scene. The mission of Jazzway 6004 is nurturing an audience for Baltimore’s rich community of jazz musicians, as well as building Baltimore’s reputation as a destination for visiting artists.

Jazzway 6004 Information

  • Public Transportation: Poor
  • Handicap Accessibility: Poor
  • Performances/Programs: Approximately 20 performances annually
  • Ticket Prices: Varies widely ($15 – $55); Add about $25 to include dinner with performance; Student and member discounts available.