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San Francisco/Oakland/Berkeley, California
San Francisco Mime Troupe (SFMT)

San Francisco Mime Troupe (SFMT)

Various venues

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Despite its title, SFMT does not perform in pantomime; rather, the word “mime” is used in the sense “to mimic.” The company members consider themselves satirists who seek to make audiences laugh at the absurdities of contemporary life and, at the same time, see their causes.

In its pursuit of socially relevant theatre, SFMT has addressed a wide range of hot-button issues and subject matter, offering performances that are often intended to debunk the “official story.” To reach the broadest possible audience, the troupe performs everywhere from public parks to established cultural venues. In 1987, SFMT received a special Tony Award for Excellence in Regional Theatre.

San Francisco Mime Troupe (SFMT) Information

  • Public Transportation: Varies by venue
  • Handicapped Accessibility: Varies by venue
  • Performances/Programs: These aren’t mimes in the commonly understood sense; instead, SFMT mostly does broad social and political satire. SFMT does not have a fixed performance space; the company performs mostly in parks from July 4 to Labor Day. These performances are free, though they pass around a hat to collect donations afterwards (usually suggesting that people pay the same price as a movie ticket). The company also tours schools and other venues
  • Ticket Prices: Some of the company’s indoor touring shows have an admission price set by the host organization, usually $15–$20.