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Wichita, Kansas

Wichita Jazz Festival


The Wichita Jazz Festival brings a unique perspective to the traditional jazz festival mold, emphasizing social consciousness (and the role of music in society) in addition to bringing nationally recognized jazz artists to town for performances and workshops. The focus of the past year’s festival has been the role of women in the arts, and the state of women’s health in general in the United States. The WJF brought notable female performers and educators from around the country to collaborate and educate, presenting performances of their material as well as workshops and clinics examining the importance of their work in the broader social climate of today’s America. Affiliated with Wichita State University,WJF events are held at venues across the WSU campus as well as throughout the greater Wichita area.

Wichita Jazz Festival Information

  • Venues: Various venues throughout Wichita, many of them on the WSU campus
  • Public Transportation: Poor
  • Handicapped Accessibility: Varies depending on venue
  • Performances/Programs: Approximately 10 events programmed over four days
  • Admission: Tickets required only for the final day’s concert; $15 admission.