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Jazz venues

Jazz is the only native American art form, a musical style that began in African American communities in the Southern U.S. in the early years of the 20th century. Jazz has been around for about 100 years, during which time it has splintered into dozens of different sub-genres – all of which remain, recognizably, jazz.

Bix Beiderbecke and Louis Armstrong were some of the first jazz icons, born in 1903 and …more…

Ballet dance companies

Ballet is a performance dance, which originates from the Italian Renaissance courts of the 15th century, and which was further developed in Russia and France as a concert dance form. The ballet we know today did not take its form until the mid-19th century when it was primary categorized as a number of graceful movements.

If someone wants to become a ballet dancer, he would first need to realize how highly disciplined and trained ballet dancers get. The ballet dance requires dedication and hard work in order to be …more…

Guide to orchestra

An orchestra represents a large group of talented musicians who play together on different instruments. This guide to orchestra will provide basic information about what makes an orchestra and where did it originate.

The orchestra is divided into sections or groups. It contains sections of percussion, woodwind, brass and string instruments. The term itself comes from the Greeks, which means the area in front of an ancient Greek stage, preserved for the Greek chorus only. The orchestra grew throughout 18th …more…

Summer art festival

The word “festival” derives from “festive”, which means “merry”; ergo, it can’t help but conjure up a sense of fun and joy. Summer art festivals, by dint of their very name, also offer the same fun and joy to their visitors. Summer art festivals are filled with entertainment: good food, good music, attractive outdoor terrain (for the most part), art, dance, sunsets, fireworks. Merry. A festival.

Summers are not only good for going …more…

Guide to museum art galleries

Imagine yourself as the owner of a museum art gallery. It is a powerful, rewarding and prestigious career, where the owner gets a benefit of getting paid to select and sell art. This guide to museum art galleries will help those who want to be a part of visual arts.

Once a person decides to start his own museum art gallery, he will have the privilege of making his own choices and express his creativity. He will …more…

College art museums

College art galleries and museums typically function much like standard museums and galleries; the difference is that campus-based museums are typically smaller and more intimate than their contemporaries in the wider world. But the variety of material on display is comparable; these can be costumes, furniture, pictures, drawings, watercolors, prints, photographs, decorative arts, textiles, installation arts, collages, pastels, artists’ books and sculptures.

A wide range of expression is seen in these museums, from faculty …more…

Performing arts theatre shows

Considering the investment of time and money required, everyone wants to know which performing arts theatre shows are the best ones before they go. Theatre shows must meet various requirements, in order for them to be good, and make an audience leave with a huge smile on their face.

First off, the director should not worry about what people say about the show. The writer should write the script the way he feels it at the moment of writing. The idea …more…

Performing arts theatre

Theatre represents a section of the performing arts with a focus on acting out stories in front of a live audience using a combination of sound, dance, music, gesture and speech. Theatre takes on many forms such as pantomime, stand-up comedy, improvisational theatre, mummers’ plays, kabuki, classical Indian dance, mime, illusion, ballet, opera, musicals, plays and non-conventional theatre.

The term “performing arts” was first introduced in English language, 1711. The performing arts represent forms that are different from the …more…

Guide to Cultural Arts

Cultural arts include different art forms. Art is present almost as long as humankind. This guide to cultural arts will explain several different arts where people use their skills and imagination to create experiences, environments and aesthetic objects so other people can enjoy it.

An art museum or an art gallery is a building for an exhibition of visual art. Some of the most commonly displayed art objects are pictures, decorative arts, textiles, drawings, watercolors, prints, photographs, installation arts, artists’ …more…

Cultural arts guide

Culture, at its root, is the sum total of our collective intelligence and achievement as a species – the expressions of our creativity as a group of people and a society. It is a delicate phenomenon,  constantly in flux, and seemingly everyone has their own idea about what it is and isn’t. We call dance, art, drama cultural arts because they help people to refine feelings, tastes, thoughts and develop their soul and body, while at the same time reflecting today’s customs and …more…