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Summer art festival

The word “festival” derives from “festive”, which means “merry”; ergo, it can’t help but conjure up a sense of fun and joy. Summer art festivals, by dint of their very name, also offer the same fun and joy to their visitors. Summer art festivals are filled with entertainment: good food, good music, attractive outdoor terrain (for the most part), art, dance, sunsets, fireworks. Merry. A festival.

Summers are not only good for going outside and playing kickball, or to the beach and getting a tan; they’re also a time to hit the road, the rails or the skies, and enjoy the wide variety of summer art festivals available in America. Also, art festivals provide an attractive way of enjoying all aspects of the arts without the sort of dry, academic eye that can sometimes leach the enjoyment and enthusiasm.

Summer art festivals are not just academic affairs; there are many festivals that celebrate different aspects of arts including performance and theatre. There are musical festivals like lollapalooza, bumbershoot, pitchfork music festival, siren music festival and many more.

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe comes around in May and is probably the most popular and the largest one in the world. Last year it hosted 2542 events and more than 41000 performances. The Bristol harbor festival is another popular one, which includes different activities that anyone can do with their loving people like water based activities, food and chocolates, exotic drinks and all of that comes with superb music.

The Manchester International festival showcases original, new, international work in the areas of music, dance, theatre and visual arts. These festivals are like a summer camp for adults. There are a number of people that share the same interests and talents, and all of them are willing to have a fantastic fun. A summer art festival takes place at the most beautiful time of the year and offers concerts almost every day, so keeping your family busy is not a problem.