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Carmina Burana at The Houston Symphony

The 2011-2012 Houston Symphony classical season is ending on a high note with conductor Hans Graf leading the orchestra in one the of the most famous cantatas ever composed, Carmina Burana.

Carl Orff's Carmina Burana

Written by German Carl Orff, Carmina Burana is based off of the 24 medieval poems in a collection with the same name. The poems range in subject matter from the joy of spring, the fickleness of wealth and the pleasures of drinking, gambling and lust.

After a highly successful opening in 1937, Orff was so proud of his creation, that he wrote to his publisher saying, “Everything I have written to date, and which you have, unfortunately, printed, can be destroyed. With Carmina Burana, my collected works begin.”

The composition has been used in countless films and others works, making it one of the most iconic and popular classical pieces ever created.

With a deep sense of ┬ádrama, life, struggle and pleasure, Carmina Burana leaves a lasting impression to many who sit down and listen to the timeless composition. The beginning and closing bring with it the most well-known movement, “Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi”. This is better known as O’Fortuna and holds with it the clearest example of profound emotion that the entire piece is known for.

With the classical music season winding down, this is the last chance for those wanting to see The Houston Symphony before they take some well deserved time off. The shows premiere is on Thursday, May 17th at 8 pm. It will continue through the weekend with a Friday, May 18th performance slated to begin at 7 pm, a Saturday show at 8 pm, and a final send off on Sunday May 20th at 2:30 pm.

Come to Jones Hall to support your city symphony while enjoying the sights and sounds of the iconic Orff musical piece that has influenced countless artists, musicians and many, many others who have had the pleasure of hearing it.