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Louisiana in its Purest Form

Assemblage art can be a hit or miss, but  in Jimmy Descant’s new exhibit at the Ogden it’s a huge hit. Honoring the infamous shape of Louisiana, “The Rocketman”, as Descant is affectionately called, has weaved together pieces that touch on Louisiana’s rich roots. Called “The Rocketman” for his talent of making art rockets, his visionary brilliance is one of a kind. With the state’s shape as a backdrop, Descant uses items that speak loudly, both politically and religiously. The assemblages uses pieces that represent  Katrina, the BP oil spill, and other Louisiana sufferings. The mast crafts not only look like expensive contemporary wall art, they speak loudly about a beloved state’s suffering, and in that lies Louisiana in its purest and most beautiful form. A beautiful marriage of contemporary art and nostalgia is present among all the installations. Don’t miss the uniqueness on this Leap Day! Now through April 8th at the Ogden Museum.