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San Francisco Magician’s Show an Enigma Wrapped in Mystery

Christian Cagigal, photo by Julie Michelle

Christian Cagigal was named ‘Best Magician’ by Best of the Bay for a reason—because he is one of the best magicians working today. He brings magic and the art of performance to new heights with every new show. Now and at the Hour, which premiered in 2009 at New York’s FRIGIDfest, lured the audience in by taking a peek into their innermost thoughts. Cagigal impressed and unnerved us by making it clear that what goes on in our minds is not always as hidden as we think.  In 2011 Cagigal brought his next show to life, Obscura, in which he teased out the beautiful dark thread of a collection of macabre tales, and wove it into an ephemeral net of magic which he cast over the audience. Obscura concentrated on storytelling, revealing the complex layers of fable and fortune through cards and coins.

The Collection is Cagigal’s current show and it promises to be just as beautiful and intriguing as the rest of his work. The biggest reason it’s so intriguing is that the details have been closely guarded by Cagigal, even after The Collection launched this past Sunday. He’s asking that audience members not reveal anything to friends or acquaintances after the show in order not to spoil the surprise. But fans of Cagigal don’t need any teasers—we know that his work never disappoints. Seeing Cagigal perform is the opportunity to see a rising star while he’s still able to play an intimate venue.

In Christian’s own words, “The illusion of magic isn’t about spectacle, pyrotechnics, dancing girls or glittery boxes. It’s not about showing off nor is it about wielding power, especially if we know it’s just a trick. The illusion of magic is a metaphor, a reminder, that our universe does not like to yield tidy answers and some things cannot be explained during our lives. It can unnerve and force us to realize that we aren’t as in-control as we think we are. And, it can delight and give us enough escape from the world we have, to see the world as it could be. Knowing that can help us reach into the most strange, unknowable and beautiful parts of ourselves to create, invent and discover things no one, in this world, can imagine possible.”

A few must-know facts if you plan to go see The Collection: The show is playing for the next eleven nights, consecutively, at the Exit Theatre in San Francisco and ends April 13th. Tickets are $20 April 3rd through April 12th and $25 on April 13th and can be purchased here. Due to the “creepiness factor” of The Collection the show may not be suitable for children. Cagigal is requesting the minimum age of audience members to be 13 years old. For more information on Cagigal, his past work, and upcoming events please visit his website, his Facebook page, or follow him on Twitter.