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Good Dose of Grit from San Francisco’s Guerrilla Rep

We like classic, elegant theater just as much as the next avid theatergoer, but sometimes we’re in the mood for something a little more…well, gritty. When we checked out the Guerrilla Rep theater company we found just what we were looking for. In their own words Guerrilla Rep’s mission is to “explore class in American society through provocative and entertaining new plays created by artists focused on the evolutionary process …more…

Lindsey Carr and Handiedan at Roq La Rue Through May 5

Lindsey Carr. "Gifts From The Red Barbarians." Acrylic ink and gold leaf on watercolor paper. Courtesy of Roq La Rue and the artist.

You won’t find Lindsey Carr’s Pavo Simulacrum in Audubon’s The Birds of America. And you won’t find a pulp novel or a vintage burlesque poster quite like Handiedan’s mischievous pin-up girl collages. These two contemporary artists subvert familiar images and styles—naturalist painting for Carr and the pin-up …more…

Fine film or fine wine? April delicacies at Fort Lauderdale’s Museum of Art

Fort Lauderdale’s Museum of Art kicks off Spring with an event-filled month. The Museum begins April with an outdoor film event on April 5th followed by a tribute to Pinot Noirs at April’s Wine Tasting on the 13th.

jueves, 5 de abril a las 8 pm
amid the street noise: short films on the terrace
Peck Sculpture Terrace

All Together Now anuncia el segundo evento de cine jurado con artistas locales. Películas se proyectarán …more…

Susie J. Lee: A New Media Sensualist Reaches Out

Walk through new media artist Susie J. Lee’s Rain Shower (2007) at the Frye Art Museum, and you become a part of the piece.

As you cross the dark, seemingly empty gallery, patterns of light fall on you, and you are bathed in a subtle, sensual barrage of sound and soft color. Sometimes you hear whispers, sometimes singing, and at other times booming and crackling, overlaid with slow, tinkling piano music. ...more...

Zoe Strauss and her Philadelphia Party

It’s the month of Zoe Strauss at the PMA. Or should I say months? Her 10 Year retrospective is on view now and has received much critical acclaim. (I heard even Joe Biden took a break from his vice presidential duties to come see it.) She’s throwing dance parties in the museum and sitting for office hours to meet viewers. It all feels very Strauss-esque in the desire to make sure she hasn’t created too much of a distance between herself and those she photographs. ...more...

Don’t Miss 31K Portraits for Peace at the Mexic-Arte Museum in Downtown Austin

Portrait by Diego Huerta for 31K Portraits for Peace exhibition.

31,000 is a lot of portraits, especially when you realize the significance of the number.

Diego Huerta and project partner Daniela Gutiérrez have compiled this number of portraits in order to represent the over 31,000 people killed throughout the ongoing drug wars in Mexico during the last four years. They have titled the project 31K Portraits for Peace (Retratos por la …more…

Upcoming: Amitage Gone! Dance in Pittsburgh

Karole Armitage, known for her punk approach to classical dance, will present the work Three Theories this Saturday as part of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust’s Dance Council season. Armitage’s company Armitage Gone! Dance is known for their exciting speed of movement and their ability to contrast the fractured lines and asymmetrical forms of the choreography with the continuous and symmetrical forms of ballet.

Three Theories is based on the best-selling book …more…

Still Life Is Alive And Well

The genre of still life painting is alive and well in Portland, Oregon and will be showcased at the Attic Gallery at their upcoming First Thursday opening on March 1, 2012.  Works by Bill Baily, Diane Lewis and Gail Larson Joseph, three of the artists represented by the Gallery, will be presented.

A “Still Life” is a style of painting depicting an artful arrangement of inanimate objects. Popular subjects include flowers, …more…

Gallery 110’s 2012 Juried Exhibition, Feb. 2-25

The First Thursday Art Walk in the historic Pioneer Square neighborhood is a popular Seattle institution. The first Thursday of every month, museums and galleries downtown keep their doors open late, admission fees are waived and studios welcome throngs of art enthusiasts. It’s a popular time for shows to open, and last Thursday was no different. ...more...

Saving Humanity One Dance At A Time

Pablo Malco, choreographer and director of The Hip Hop Symphony, the dance performance extravaganza hosted by the Broward Center for the Performing Arts on January 29, 2012, tells us about how he got into dance, the making of The Hip Hop Symphony and the dance company turned foundation ( that brings the art of dance into the community. ...more...

Robert Deyber – Hare He Comes Again, Artist Tour at the Martin Lawrence Galleries

On Friday Feb. 10th, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm, at the Martin Lawrence Galleries in Dallas, artist Robert Deyber’s most recent paintings and lithographs will be on display.  Many of his new works will be unveiled during his February tour. ...more...

Art Since the Mid-20th Century at Worcester Art Museum

Who couldn’t use a little more Alex Katz in their life? Now’s your chance to head out to the Worcester Art Museum to catch a peek at one of his iconic Ada paintings, along with a new installation of the Museum’s collection of art since the mid-20th century. Featuring approximately fifty works of art, displayed in renovated galleries, the exhibition is presented in three thematic installations: The Persistence of Abstraction, Revivals of Figuration and Portraiture, and Cultural Signs. ...more...

Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre’s Uncommon to feature Dwight Rhoden premiere at August Wilson Center

via PBT website

In an uncommon move, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre (PBT) will stage its first work in partnership with August Wilson Center for African American Culture. The show, Uncommon, will open the post-holiday season for the well-established Pittsburgh company and will feature a world premiere by Complexions Contemporary Ballet‘s Dwight Rhoden.

Uncommon will be performed with a live chamber orchestra that will play works by Bach, Beethoven and Brahms. The show …more…

Art for Everyone in 2012!

Museums and galleries in Minneapolis and St. Paul are offering great exhibits throughout 2012. From plein air to modern to contemporary, there’s something for everyone’s taste. Here’s a short list of some major events happening this month. ...more...