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First, Last or All

Many cities set aside one day a month where art galleries are either open late or have a special event to encourage the public to come see their shows. Last year marked the 25th anniversary of Portland, Oregon’s First Thursday, by now a venerable institution in Downtown and the Northwest Portland Pearl District.

When condominiums replaced dilapidated warehouse and industrial buildings in Northwest Portland, many artists and galleries were priced out …more…

“Moving Right Along” Entertains Baltimore Travelers

Credit: C. A. Mezensky

As train travelers hurry to their destination this winter, they have an engaging new exhibit to greet them at Baltimore’s Penn Station. “Moving Right Along” is a small show in a vacant store in the station’s lobby. The three pieces included are a sculpture, an animation and an interactive painting.

“Walls of Love” by Artemis Herber is a set of bright red cylindrical cardboard sculptures. They are …more…

The Visual Arts Center at The University of Texas Celebrates the New Year with an Open Invitation to the Public

Diana Al-Hadid, Gradiva’s Fourth Wall, 2011, polymer gypsum, wood, fiberglass, paint

On Friday, January 27th, from 6:00pm – 9:00pm, The University of Texas at Austin’s Visual Arts Center cordially invites the public to a free, spectacular reception honoring the first four exhibitions of the 2012 season. There will be plenty of refreshments, enticing art, and knowledgeable art folk there with which to mingle.

The first artist to be featured in the …more…

Floating Femininity

Moving in Colors, Korean artist’s Key Sook Geum latest exhibition, we get a dose of a matriarchial dress society with absent bodies. Beautifully created dresses floating seamlessly to conture the female form in all its glory. The absence  of a real body makes the sculptures even more interensting and somewhat delicate. The wirey adaptations of beautiful gowns have an energy flowing through them that, I think, Geum inteneded on showing …more…

With The Etch A Sketch, Play Can Be Art

Imagine creating an elaborate etched image without ever lifting the stylus from the surface. This is exactly what three Etch A Sketch artists from Portland, Oregon do. Rather than adding material to a surface to make a drawing, etchings are made by taking material away, requiring artists to think in terms of negative space.

I wonder if the toy’s inventor, André Cassagnes of France, ever imagined that artists would use it …more…

An Artful Year in Review

When it comes to an emerging art scene look no further than your own back yard, or city shall I say. This past year New Orleans has been booming with new art endeavors some experimental and some traditional. Back in October Prospect 2 was launched and put New Orleans back on the art scene. Prospect 2 was bombing with young, fresh new visual art and it also had is share …more…

Five Hot Seattle Art Shows to Catch This Year End

Time is running out for 2011, as it is for a number of top-notch Seattle-area exhibitions. If you’re yearning for a little culture fix to fill your holiday leisure hours, here are five shows to catch in the next few weeks: ...more...

Will Work For Art

Fundraising for arts organizations can be a challenge even in a strong economy. In Portland, Oregon the Work for Art program helps to support the arts by facilitating employee-giving campaigns at public and private workplaces throughout Oregon and SW Washington. Some of the participating employers even provide matching funds.

These Work for Art donations are then re-directed back to the community, with 100% of the funds that are raised benefiting arts …more…

“Stamina in the Dream House”

Painter Elizabeth Fox draws inspiration from her past in corporate America. A former New Orleans native, she captures the edginess and contemporary style of a new America in her non- literal paintings of beautiful beings in somewhat mundane everyday situations. Most of her paintings showcase the dominance of males, and the objectification of females in the corporate work world. A modern Picasso in her own right, Elizabeth has a flare …more…

Art is Woman

Francesco Vezzoli’s sculpture of Sophia Loren is part of the amazing visual art project in New Orleans, Prospect.2.
It’s displayed in the Piazza d’italia, a prime example of postmodern architecture nestled in the Warehouse District, honoring the New Orleans’ Italian community and the cinematic bombshell of the 60′s and 70′s. ...more...