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Sacramento, California
Sacramento Jazz Festival and Jubilee

Sacramento Music Festival

2787 Del Monte Street

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This festival, formerly known as the Sacramento Jazz Festival and Jubilee, retitled itself in August 2011. In 2012, only half of the festival will be dixieland and traditional jazz. But with all of the performances and spaces at the festival’s Sheraton venue being called a “Jubilee Heritage Area,” regulars will still find plenty to listen to.

The other half? Zydeco and latin music have been performed for years in addition to jazz. But with the renaming, the festival can bring in acts that are range much further. So if you’re not a big jazz fan, you should still add this to the list of your possibilities, and check the performance schedule when it comes out in 2012.

What isn’t expected to change are the dates and spaces: four days in late May (around Memorial Day), in 24 venues throughout Sacramento, with the main epicenters in “Old Sacramento” (Sacramento’s Historic District) and the Convention Center area. Venues range in size from intimate listening rooms to large outdoor stages with lots of dancing space.  The festival has a shuttle bus system providing transport for all musicians and festival-goers, and package deals are available at local festival-affiliated hotels.