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Edited and commented on by Justin Martin.

Michael Arenella

Michael Arenella Does Not Care What Year It Is

(Jazz, New York) Michael Arenella is in his early 30s, lives in Brooklyn, and plays music from the Jazz Age with the Dreamland Orchestra. ...more...


Pacino Eyed to Play Shelly Levene in ‘Glengarry’ Revival, Time Just Keeps on Passing (UPDATE)

(Theater, New York) Legendary cinematic alpha dog Al Pacino is listed at five-seven – “listed”, ha ha – and still he’s pulled off some of the most crazed and powerful characters in movie history, so this is not a cause for concern or anything, here, but still, read this and feel your bones turn to glass. ...more...

Chamber Music at the Barn

Chamber Music, Back at the Barn

(Classical Music, Wichita) The reason why the cross-country road trip will never die, even if when we run completely out of fossil fuels and all cars are electric and silent and made of plastic, is that there is so damned much stuff to see in this country that you have to make a point of seeking it out. ...more...

Skate It or Hang It

MODAtlanta Gleams the Cube with ‘Skate It or Hang It!?’

(Visual Art, Atlanta) This is a long, long way from Dogtown; some of these decks are worth five figures, apparently. Then again, who knows what one of Jay Adams’ seven-inch-wide, undecorated, fiberglass 1979-vintage decks would go for on the open market. ...more...

Luisa Deti

Met’s 3D Hackathon Brings New Perspectives, Mustaches to Classic Works

(Visual Art, National) Ten or more years ago, word was that, one day, we’d be able to download the image of an object from the Web, send it to a 3D printer, and hey! presto! print a copy of that object. ...more...

The Miskreants

Off-Color Muppetry at Just for Laughs Fest

(Theater, Chicago) Now, of COURSE Jim Henson never let Kermit and Gonzo and Miss Piggy get up to something as unsavory as cussin’, are you crazy? That’s not the sort of thing that Jim Henson would have approved of, not at all, not even for a minute. ...more...

Quiara Alegria Hudes

A Pulitzer Doesn’t Buy What it Used To in L.A.

(Theater, Los Angeles) Meet Quiara Alegria Hudes. She wrote the book for In the Heights! Also, she won the Pulitzer last year for Water by the Spoonful! ...more...

Cymbeline, Richmond Shakes

Richmond Shakes Pulls Out ‘Cymbeline’

(Theater, Richmond) No one really does Cymbeline; it’s kind of a “languish Shakespeare”, which is understandable, in that Cymbeline is a story of royalty and scheming and murder, whereas Macbeth, for example, is a story of murder and scheming and royalty. Totally different! ...more...

Suburban Motel

George F. Walker’s Cycle of Canadian Misery Begins at Walking Fish

(Theater, Philadelphia) Toronto native George F. Walker’s written two dozen plays in his career so far, which at current exchange rates is like twenty American plays, and yet do you know who George F. Walker is? ...more...

photo Ruby Thompson/The New York Times

Clatter and Skronk at Chelsea’s Eyebeam Gallery

(Visual Art, Etc., New York) Man’s been involved in the process of making noise – intentional noise – ever since the first Neanderthal banged a rock against another rock, or against some other Neanderthal’s skull. ...more...

Kauffman Organ

Jacobs Will Play With the Kauffman’s Organ

(Classical Music, Kansas City) HA HA, that is an entendre, yes? Anyway: Pipe organs are mesmerizing things. ...more...

Sean Thomas

Strawberry Festival, Meet Street Art

(Visual Art, Billings) All Sean Thomas wanted to do was work at Costco and hang out with his wife. Then the voices started: “Oooooh… Sean Thomas… what will you get your wife… for your ANNIVERSARY…” ...more...


Oh, Lord, NOLA’s Contemporary Art Center is Falling Apart

(Visual Art, New Orleans) This has come up before, just a couple of months ago, in fact, when the CAC shut down its Spaces exhibit so that someone or other could make a movie , but things look terrifically unsettled now, which is just what a huge space dedicated to contemporary art needs. ...more...

Different show. Cool poster.

‘Fuddy Meers’ and Funny Mirrors in Covington

(Visual Art, Theater, Cincinnati) David Lindsay-Abaire broke his playwright’s cherry in 1999 with Fuddy Meers, about a lady with amnesia and her helpful family. (Everyone dies at the end.) ...more...

There are allegedly "luxury condos" in this neighborhood. This neighborhood.

Go See the Open Studios in Bushwick, Before It All Ends

(Visual Art, New York) New York’s probably got about two decades left in it, maybe a little more, before the whole place is just covered in new condos and 7-Elevens. Unless the zombie apocalypse comes. Hey, dare to dream. ...more...

From New Work by Leo Villareal

Leo Villareal, Painting in Light, at Conner Contemporary

(Visual Art, Washington DC) Because the world is ephemeral – rushing onward to the uncertain future, every moment potentially the last – one day even the Mona Lisa will fade and fall into the Sun. So why not paint in light? ...more...

photo Michael Hodges/The Detroit News

MCA Detroit Has Some Post-Industrial Wonder Up Right Now

(Visual Art, Detroit) What do you do when the industry around which you’ve built your entire city crumbles? Well, first you start rebuilding the industry. Then you bring in some new industries. ...more...

Car Talk the Musical

‘Car Talk’ Musical Coming Back To Cambridge, Cheap Tix in Tow

(Theater, Boston) Whether or not you dig their particular style, the Car Talk brothers, Click and Clack (or Tom and Ray Magliozzi, if you prefer), know what they’re talking about; unsurprising, really, considering they’re both MIT graduates. ...more...

Nimbus Dance photo PeiJu Chien-Pott

Jersey City’s Nimbus Dance Readies ‘Scarabs’, Which is About Bugs, Sort Of

(Dance, Newark) Nimbus Dance did this thing a couple of years ago called Butterfly Dream that was ostensibly about, well, butterflies, but not really, because it was about a MAN and his dream (wherein he became a butterfly, so there you go) and the nature of existence and other big-time-heavy stuff like that. ...more...

Delaware Symphony Orchestra

Delaware Symphony Orchestra Suspends Operations

(Classical Music, Wilmington) Another in a seemingly endless litany of American orchestras that are doing EHHHHH not so well with the money these days, the Delaware Symphony Orchestra is going to take a breather for 2012-13, with the intent of rethinking its business model and, yep, trying to figure out some way to make more money. ...more...

Art for the Cash Poor

Go Buy Cheap Artwork This Weekend, Philly

(Visual Art, Philadelphia) There isn’t really too much more to say than that – it’s the InLiquid “Art for the Cash Poor” fair again, the thirteenth one (which means the first one was in 2000? Oh, god, where is time going) ...more...

Chihuly Garden

Chihuly’s Glass Garden Is Open

(Visual Art, Seattle) This has been bubbling under for months, and now the long-awaited Dale Chihuly Garden and Glass, right at the very foot of the Space Needle, is up and open and ready for people to wander it with, hopefully, very steady footing ...more...

"Get away from me, you masher!"

Follow These Elderly Ladies Into the ‘Restroom’

(Theater, Louisville) This is a great idea, we should all do this! The next time you see an elderly lady on her way to the restroom, just trail along behind her! ...more...

From Soren's Running

Tabitha Soren Is Now a Photographer With an Exhibit at iMOCA

(Visual Art, Indianapolis) Strawberry-scented grunge darling Tabitha Soren, who made the dreariest and most pointless updates about the new Collective Soul album seem like vital and pertinent information by virtue of the twinkle in her dewy, crystal eyes, hasn’t been seen much of lately, owing to the fact that she’s been creating what is likely a ridiculously cute and frighteningly well-spoken family with Michael Lewis. ...more...

Potted Potter

Why Not Stage All of Harry Potter in Seventy Minutes?

(Theater, New York) This is the sort of question that playwrights and actors ask themselves when the desire to have a hit supersedes the desire for exploration and muted lighting, because Harry Potter is somehow a half-decade in the past, which means the time is right to start making fun of him. And people will buy that stuff. ...more...

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