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2012 Twin Cities IFF Throws Its Spotlight on the Arab World

There’s a lot on the docket at the thirtieth annual Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Festival: Bobcat Goldthwait’s new black comedy God Bless America, a documentary about Bert Stern, who is a lunatic (seriously, the film’s called Bert Stern: Original Madman), films from all over the world – which, naturally, international film festival, but still – there’s one based on a Patrick White novel, as well, The Eye of the Storm, and it would be a treat if the film was a success and got people reading Patrick White again – but the bulk of the festival’s programming is centered around the Middle East, where there is, once again, all sorts of turmoil, much of it stemming from the ongoing Arab Spring. (FULL ARTICLE: Al Milgrom, Arts Orbit, Twin Cities Daily Planet)