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500 Words: Simon Fujiwara

(John Arthur Peetz, ArtForum) This is my first work for a theatrical stage. Three short performances will be presented on a revolving stage, each with its own set. The first act is The Mirror Stage, and it is set in my hometown museum, the Tate St. Ives It is a so-called “coming out” story, in which an Ab Ex painting by Patrick Heron supposedly turns me gay. From theories about abstraction as the dissolution of figuration, to the use of the painting as a pattern for IKEA, the entire, absurd story is told to an eleven-year-old boy. The New York–based kid plays me at the age that I had this sexual epiphany but also plays himself, a child actor, asking questions about his own role in the story.

Act two, titled Welcome to the Hotel Munber, is set in a loose reconstruction of the bar my parents owned in 1970s Franco Spain, in which the story of a failed attempt to write an erotic novel based on my parents’ lives is told. Oscillating between erotic fiction readings and cool analysis of those readings, the story will be serenaded by a Spanish guitarist becoming, at times, like musical poetry.