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A Little More on the Guthrie Controversy

You may have heard, depending on who you hang around with, that the schedule that Minneapolis’ Guthrie Theater recently announced for its 50th anniversary season has been the focus of some controversy. Specifically, the problem is: white dudes. The whole season was written by, and will be directed by, white dudes (there is, admittedly, half an exception with Mark Rylance’s Nice Fish, which Rylance will co-direct with Claire van Kampen.) As you can imagine, this was met with, if not pitchforks and torches, at least a swing or two of the scythe, and though the schedule’s bound to change at least somewhat before the season begins, right now, nerves are a little raw. So Halcyon Theatre Artistic Director Tony Adams decided to have a little fun with the whole thing, and give himself a very, very short amount of time in which to program a diverse, twelve-play season. (FULL ARTICLE: Tony Adams, 2 A.M. Theatre)