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Berkeley Art Museum Revisits the Seventies with “State of Mind”

HIPPIES. Everywhere there are HIPPIES with long beards and hair and CORDUROY JACKETS, because this is 1971 Berkeley, and hippies grew out of the concrete like weeds in Berkeley in the late Sixties and early Seventies. They got up to some pretty interesting stuff, too, when they weren’t saying things like “Far Out” and “Groovy Man” and “I Need a Lid” and “Let’s Have a Happening”, and… oh, who am I kidding? At least the hippies wanted us all to get along. Not much wrong with that, so long as you understand that “get along” sometimes means “Please leave me alone Moonchild.” Berkeley Art has a wide-ranging multimedia exhibit up now, State of Mind: New California Art Ca. 1970, that’s got all manner of sweetness and nature in it – and also Chris Burden getting shot in the arm, which is another kind of sweetness. Show’s up through June 17. (Kenneth Baker, San Francisco Chronicle)