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Broadway Bound

Stage Door Theatre’s production of Neil Simon’s Broadway Bound will open on July 8th and run through August 14th. Broadway Bound is the third in Neil Simon’s ”BB” trilogy, which includes Brighton Beach Memoirs and Biloxi Blues,” explains the show’s Carbonell Award-winning director, Michael Leeds. “In Broadway Bound Eugene has returned to his family after the war and is teetering on the verge of becoming the famous comic genius we will come to know as Neil Simon,” Leeds continues.  “He is still recording his life in his journal, and he is still struggling to understand the dynamics of sex and of family relationships. The play is replete with the humor Simon is known for, but for me there’s a depth in these characters Simon hadn’t shown before.  Perhaps it’s because unlike the other two plays in the trilogy, Broadway Bound is really about Kate, Eugene’s mother, the rock upon which this family stands.  There’s an indelible scene that I’m eager to stage, when Kate reminisces to Eugene about the night she and her girlfriend went to the Primrose Ballroom and George Raft asked her to dance.  The scene comes to life as Eugene asks his mother to dance. Both poignant and funny, this is just one of the many stories that unfold as Eugene finally becomes the man he was destined to be.”

“Stage Door’s previous production of Brighton Beach Memoirs was such a success that this seemed like the logical next step.  And I’m lucky to have some of those original cast members back to reprise their roles.  Since Broadway Bound takes place ten years later, it’s especially interesting for those actors to see how their characters have changed” says Leeds. The cast of Broadway Bound includes Pam Rosa as Kate, Kristian Bikic as Eugene, Alex Salup as Stan, Michael Small as Ben, Peter Librach as Jack, and Donna Warfield as Blanche. “I’ve got a terrific cast,” Leeds says.  “Some will be new faces to our Stage Door audience but they’ll hopefully join the tight knit family of talent that makes Stage Door such a great place to work and, of course, a great place to see great shows.”

Broadway Bound will run from July 8 – August 14 at Stage Door Theatre in Margate. The theatre is located at 8036 Sample Road, in Margate.Tickets for Broadway Bound are $38 – $42; $16 student tickets are also available.  Tickets may be purchased at the Broward Stage Door Theatre box office at 954-344-7765 or on line at