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Chamber Music, Back at the Barn

The reason why the cross-country road trip will never die, even if when we run completely out of fossil fuels and all cars are electric and silent and made of plastic, is that there is so damned much stuff to see in this country that you have to make a point of seeking it out. Otherwise, you’ll live your entire live not knowing about, OH, let’s say Chamber Music at the Barn, a Wichita institution for nearly twenty years that gets together this year from June 20-22 to play Haydn and Schoenberg and Schumann in the log barn at Prairie Pines. The windows are open when it’s nice out, there’s a garden just outside, and, you know, Haydn! Summertime! Cool breezes and such! Right there in Wichita, about which most people know: what, “Wichita Lineman”? Fooey. Take a drive. Go see some things. (FULL ARTICLE: Alice Mannette, The Wichita Eagle)